Salmon ice-cream cone
“Crab under fur coat”
Rabbit dumplings in baked vegetables broth with sour cream
Wild trout, creamy ptitim and cucumber salsa
“Skirt steak” with baked vegetables, kvass sauce
My mother’s favorite flower
Anna Pavlova
Restaurant COCOCO
modern russian cuisine


If you know Russian culture, literature, poetry and history then you quite easily can understand Igor Grishechkin’s universe. But even if not, you cannot but help being amused by his cooking’s playfulness, almost as telling fairytales to a child.

Through creativity he has set a clear culinary path by telling grand tales of Russia’s history though his dishes. From the opulent era of the Tsars, over the Communist Soviet Union, to a tantalising New Russian Cuisine partly shaped through the struggles of embargoes. Of a proud heart he cooks the very soul of his home country.

This results in an experience that narrates stories of Russian yesteryear in the present, conjures the spirit of especially Saint Petersburg that delights your inner-child and only cooked with pristine products from the North-Western part of the world’s largest country.

The restaurant's appearance, alike its cuisine, is modern and undeniably Russian. Bright, ethnic, clear and ironic. Velvet and wood, gold and dinner china, mirrors, shining crystals and hovering black feathers of the restaurant's symbol; the hen.

A reference both to CoCoCo’s strong collaboration with local farmers and their produce. Over-all the details of Cococo’s decor creates an alluring image of a jewellery box you want to continuously look at, bewitched and mesmerized.

CoCoCo opened in 2012 and is the brainchild of celebrity, style icon, global diner and patron of the ballet, Matilda Shnurova. With a nymph-like elegance befitting of the Silver Age of Russian poetry Matilda and Igor have created Saint Petersburg’s most fashionable and forward-thinking restaurant.


Goodbye, COCOCO 2.0!

Cococo at Voznesensky 6 is closed but we are already in motion for opening on New Holland island! Thank you for being with us and stay tuned!

13 March 2020
Lovers' Day at Cococo

and an ideal romantic six course dinner by Igor Grishechkin. 'Heart' set is available to order on February 14th from 19:00 to 00:00. Price: 3400 rubles. Info&Reserve: +7(812)418 2060

4 February 2020
Hiša Franko in Cococo

Grand dinner by Igor Grishechkin and Ana Roš, Chef of Slovenian restaurant Hiša Franko and the best female chef according to international The World’s 50 Best Restaurants rating. December 10th, 19:30 Info&Reserve: +7 (812) 418 2060

3 December 2019
Happy Birthday, Cococo!

This year Cococo celebrates its 7 years anniversary! On December 4th we invite all of you to join us on this marvellous occasion. Also, on this day, our great Chef Igor Grishechkin was born, so the dinner is in a double splendour. We are reminiscing everything best from all the past 7 years and presenting a very special 10 course dinner set consisting only of our trademark dishes. Doors open at 19.30, dinner starts at 20.00. Reserve & info: +7 812 418 2060

25 November 2019
Goodbye, COCOCO 2.0!
13 March 2020
Lovers' Day at Cococo
4 February 2020
Hiša Franko in Cococo
3 December 2019
Happy Birthday, Cococo!
25 November 2019
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