Sauerkraut “KimSchi”
Spicy salted herring, poached egg and cheese cream
Halibut and Jerusalem artichoke’s variation
Baked pumpkin, stracciatella and dried hear
Restaurant COCOCO
modern russian cuisine


Kokoko restaurant is a new notion on Russian cuisine. We create an outstanding menu, based on seasonal products from farmers from all over the region. In our dishes familiar tastes and the latest culinary achievements are represented in unordinary textures, forms and combinations. In summer and during the fall we are rich in what may be harvested in our region, in this period we add to the menu dishes with vegetables, berries, mushrooms, fresh greens. For winter we dry, marinate, preserve products and until spring become even closer to the traditions of Russian cuisine. Sophisticated menu is accompanied by fine wine and local drinks with Russian origin - mors (berry drink), kissel, bread kvass and herbal infusions.


Cococo turns five!

It is hard to believe that Cococo is turning 5 on December, 6th! To celebrate first grand anniversary, best Russian chefs will gather in Cococo. Igor Grishechkin will cook festive 18-hands (!!!) dinner alongside Dmitriy Blinov, Anton Isakov, Evgeniy Vikentiev, Artem Grebenshikov, Anton Kovalkov, Georgiy Troyan, Anton Abrezov and Andrey Kolodyazhniy. Guests will enjoy nine courses from nine chefs along with wine pairing prepared by Chef Sommelier Yulia Khaybullina. Reserve&info: +7 812 418 2060.

1 December 2017
Gaggan Anand at Cococo

On 9th of December Gaggan Anand is arriving to congratulate Cococo on anniversary! Gaggan Anand is the owner and Chef of Gaggan restaurant in Bangkok (1st in Asia's Best restaurants and 7th in The World's 50 Best Restaurants). In his kitchen gastro-rebel Gaggan promotes "progressive Indian cuisine", describing his own unique style as a mix of a little craziness, a lot of humor and surprising product combinations. That is what awaits guests at this special dinner, which Gaggan Anand will prepare with Igor Grishechkin on December, 9th. Info&reserve: +7 (812) 418 2060.

1 December 2017
New season&new wine

We are proud to present you our new wine menu: more organics, bio dynamics and latest trends, new dividing structure by stylistics, not by usual geography or color. High "Subtle matters", modern "Keeping up with time", bright "Estrade", honorable "Conservatory" - in every part we've chosen only the best for you. To celebrate new menu Cococo is presenting a special wine dinner on November, 2nd - set menu from Chef Igor Grishechkin and wine tasting from Chef Sommellier Yulia Khaybullina. Welcome reception at 19.30, dinner starts at 20.00. Info&reserve: +7 812 41 20 60

22 October 2017
23rd of August we are inviting you to dinner with Mauro Colagreco

The most anticipated and exciting event is taking place in Cococo this summer! On 23rd of August we are inviting you to dinner with Mauro Colagreco - founder and Chef of Mirazur (4th place in The World's 50 Best Restaurants). Mauro Colagreco with Igor Grishechkin will cook together a special dinner dedicated to seasonal products. To reserve a table please call +7(812)418 20 60

4 August 2017
Cococo turns five!
1 December 2017
Gaggan Anand at Cococo
1 December 2017
New season&new wine
22 October 2017
23rd of August we are inviting you to dinner with Mauro Colagreco
4 August 2017
«All about Smelt» dinner
10 July 2017
Wine (bottle) battle 6th of July
10 July 2017
Fine dining by Igor Grishechkin
6 January 2017
Happy New Cococo Year 2017
3 November 2016
New working hours
30 October 2016
Cococo cakes to order
28 September 2016
It's a harvest time!
15 September 2016
August time
26 August 2016
Fresh season
4 August 2016
29 June 2016
Chef's Table June 23th
19 June 2016
19 May 2016
New opening hours
17 April 2016
New Cococo: we are open
28 February 2016
Cococo moves to the W hotel St. Petersburg
15 January 2016
Happy holidays at Cococo
18 December 2015
Cococo's Birthday
14 December 2015
New menu
6 November 2015
Autumn at Cococo
3 September 2015
August at Cococo
6 August 2015
Fresh season
14 July 2015
Season of wild herbs
17 June 2015
Igor Grishechkin is nominated for the «Chef of the year»
15 April 2015
"Smelt" Season
9 April 2015
Lent menu in "Cococo"
24 February 2015
Special «Maslenitsa» menu
16 February 2015



Here you may book a table for party up to 6 people, minimum 3 days prior to visit. We contact you within a day to confirm the reservation. If you would like to book a table for the next 2 days or for a bigger company, please contact us:

+7 (812) 418 2060


You can always purchase our natural farm products!

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