Salmon ice-cream cone
“Crab under fur coat”
Rabbit dumplings in baked vegetables broth with sour cream
Wild trout, creamy ptitim and cucumber salsa
“Skirt steak” with baked vegetables, kvass sauce
My mother’s favorite flower
Anna Pavlova
Restaurant COCOCO
modern russian cuisine


Cococo restaurant is a new presentation of Russian cuisine. From the very beginning, opening in 2012, and to this very day, everyone here is devoted to the main principle — working with farmer's and seasonal products, cooking of what was gathered, caught and produced Russia in every particular season.

In severe winter season root vegetables, grains and semi-products made during summer are used, while summer and spring are rich with fresh herbs, vegetables and berries, each quickly taken over with the next — and restaurant menu has up to 20 changes, renewing of dishes, during the year.

The head and heart of Cococo kitchen — Chef Igor Grishechkin. Brave novator and ironic experimentator, he cleverly mixes modern technologies, traditional for Russian cuisine ingredients and childhood memories of different flavours. A little bit of madness, a lot of humor, love and appreciation of native products and unpredictable combinations — this is what his cuisine is known for.

Complementing authors cuisine there are Russian character beverages – natural berry morses and kissels, fragrant hot herbal teas and bread kvass

The restaurant's appearance, alike it's cuisine, is modern and undeniably Russian. Bright, ethnic, clear and ironic. Velvet and wood, gold and dinner china, mirrors crystal shine and hovering black feathers of restaurant's symbol – all these details create a very alluring image of a “jewelry box” you want to continuously look at.

By virtue of bravery, determination and belief in result Cococo has reached heights, became a tourist attraction and a reason to visit St. Petersburg.


Summer in Cococo

Cold beet soup with cucumber sorbet, okroshka with pastrami, strawberry with cottage mousse and spring spinach - this is our idea of Cococo-summer! Starting June 1st.

13 June 2019
Spring in Cococo

Hypnotic dessert 'Anna Pavlova', ladoga whitefish 'ceviche' with raspberry, pike cabbage rolls and other gastronomical wonders in a completely new spring menu by Igor Grishechkin.

6 May 2019
Easter Kulich

Especially due to the great and light holiday of Easter, the pastry chef of Cococo restaurant created light fancy kulich with orange candied peel, raisins infused with Karelian balsam and sugar icing. Open to purchase and pre-order at Cococo online-shop throughout 25, 26 and 27 of April.

22 April 2019
Quintonil & Cococo dinner

April 19th Cococo hosts a very special dinner starring Jorge Vallejo - the owner and chef of a renowned Mexican restaurant Quintonil placed 11th in The World's 50 Best Restaurants and 9th in the Latin America's 50 Best Restaurants). Alongside with Igor Grishechkin, two chefs are putting their hearts and minds into creating a fusion of Russia and Mexico in our guests' plates. Dinner starts at 20:00. Info&Reserve: +7 812 418 2060

15 April 2019
Summer in Cococo
13 June 2019
Spring in Cococo
6 May 2019
Easter Kulich
22 April 2019
Quintonil & Cococo dinner
15 April 2019
Lenten menu in Cococo
15 April 2019
Start your day in Cococo - new breakfast menu
25 October 2018
Cococo turns 6!
8 October 2018
New seasonal menu in Cococo
14 August 2018
Summer flavor: seasonal pies in Cococo
14 June 2018
Fine dining by Igor Grishechkin
13 April 2018
15 February 2018
St. Valentine's Day dinner in Cococo
9 February 2018
Cococo turns five!
1 December 2017
Gaggan Anand at Cococo
1 December 2017
New season&new wine
22 October 2017
23rd of August we are inviting you to dinner with Mauro Colagreco
4 August 2017
«All about Smelt» dinner
10 July 2017
Wine (bottle) battle 6th of July
10 July 2017
Happy New Cococo Year 2017
3 November 2016
New working hours
30 October 2016
Cococo cakes to order
28 September 2016
It's a harvest time!
15 September 2016
August time
26 August 2016
Fresh season
4 August 2016
29 June 2016
Chef's Table June 23th
19 June 2016
19 May 2016
New opening hours
17 April 2016
New Cococo: we are open
28 February 2016
Cococo moves to the W hotel St. Petersburg
15 January 2016
Happy holidays at Cococo
18 December 2015
Cococo's Birthday
14 December 2015
New menu
6 November 2015
Autumn at Cococo
3 September 2015
August at Cococo
6 August 2015
Fresh season
14 July 2015
Season of wild herbs
17 June 2015
Igor Grishechkin is nominated for the «Chef of the year»
15 April 2015
"Smelt" Season
9 April 2015
Lent menu in "Cococo"
24 February 2015
Special «Maslenitsa» menu
16 February 2015



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